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My life has been quite an adventure!

In no particular order, here is a snapshot of some of my journey:

I backpacked through  Indonesia by myself for one month learning about meditation and studying Hinduism traditions and so much more

I went on a walkabout in the OSA peninsula to learn how to survive on my own in the forest and jungle

Ive sat in ceremony with Dona Maria from Cusco Peru who is one of the oldest living woman alive and has been struck by lightning twice

I've planted over 700 trees in my lifetime both in Costa Rica and America

Juan Mata Manchester United

I've worked with and met some of the top athletes in the world

I've handled some of the worlds most poisonous and venomous animals to learn more about how to interact and connect with all species

I created a series of paintings called "paint your planet" where I was published in Y.R.U. and sold every piece of art from my gallery collection

I lived at a monastery in Iquitos Peru working with plant medicine and other forms of spiritual development and swam in the Amazon river

I'm an avid yogi 

Here is a little more detail about my journey to coaching

I began my journey in 2012 while traveling to Costa Rica to study seed dispersion while living with indigenous culture in the Osa, Peninsula. This is where I was first introduced to the understanding of the powerful healing and destructive impact our mind has on nature and ourselves.

Upon my arrival back to America, I found myself in Los Angeles acting and modeling professionally working for huge brands and actors such as Beats by Dre and many others. It was in the exploration and failure of my artistic dreams that I would begin to recognize my self-sabotage and traumas. Falling short of my artistic goals was the motivation needed to understand what got in my way.

I quickly realized I was not mentally prepared to perform, and subsequently, I spent the next five years trying to understand why. This led me to do my own research on the mind and energy and what I could do to manage my depression and limiting beliefs. In exploring more about the potential of the mind, I began to recognize wisdom and strength within me that I could not see, or gain an understanding of before. I was desperate to understand what my mind was capable of.

It wasn't long after that I met and began to work with my mentor in understanding the root causes of my disconnection and self-sabotage and the tools to adjust those behaviors. After a few months of working with this coaching and studying the impact this practice had on me and others, I began to truly step into my power and self-awareness, changing my life.

In the exploration of meditation and energy work, I went to Iquitos, Peru where I worked with plant medicine and skilled practitioners to continue to evolve my understanding of the mind and energy.

Returning back to Los Angeles I began to train and be mentored by many people from Mental Coaches to shamans, Reiki masters, Mindful Nutritionists, Doctors, and meditation teachers. After spending much time with the energy and mind, I then deepened my studies, even more, completing a 200 H Yoga Teacher training to learn how movement also impacts the mind and energy of an individual. leading me to the certification as a Mental Health Coach, Reiki healer, Meditation practitioner, and yoga teacher.

In 2021 I decided to take these ancient teachings and practices to a whole other level. I saw the huge impact they had on myself and my clients but I was interested in knowing more about the psychological impact these ancient teachings had. In my quest to learn more, I started to train under Dr.Matt James PHD and Dr. Patrick Scott, among many other incredible psychologists and spiritual leaders, in how to use ancient wisdom with modern application. I began training in Hawaii with empowerment inc learning Ancient Hawaiian teachings with NLP and psychology. 

I now work with a wide variety of clients ranging from actors to athletes to business professionals and many more from all over the world both in-person and online sharing this powerful coaching and healing. I continue to explore all the opportunities of life, living as an example of the impacting benefits of Alignment coaching, Meditation, and Reiki assisting people in reconnecting to themselves and life.

If you are reading this, then you are ready to transform the direction of your life!

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